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living in Sunbury


30 June 2014 at 11:19 PM

2 Replies - last reply at 10:53 PM on 25 Nov 2014

My partner and I are interested in moving to Sunbury, which will be a big move for us both. We wanted to know people's thoughts about Sunbury? We also wanted some information about the local schools? Lifestyle etc.

We would love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Adam keleher

    31 July, 2014 at 5:18PM

    I havn't lived in Sunbury but have spent plenty of time there.
    Its really lovely area and close to all things rural but also close to all things Melbourne. So really best of both worlds. This is a good post about Sunbury about andthe site details a lot of New home options. Cheers, Adam

  • Stuart

    25 November, 2014 at 10:53PM

    Hi i grew up in the North of Sunbury with one other sibling who lives in the south of Sunbury while I live in the east Sunbury. I have children who attend Sunbury Downs collage there are two high school Sunbury Downs being the stricter of the two. Sunbury Collage is Bigger and does seam to offer more in the choice of subject’s .Sunbury has many shops and all the large supermarkets Coles Safeway, Aldi and IGA .its not bad for food shopping. The shopping center in Sunbury is fractured and spread over a sparse area. Which makes general shopping a real task witch is just a reflection on poor planning in the past by thee local council you are better off going to the large shopping centers like Water gardens for generalized shopping. If you plan on commuting to the city be prepared the amount of parking at the local train station is at a premium unless you get there before 8 am don't expect to get an all day car park and the parking officers can be out with a vengeance this is just another reflection of poor planning by the local authorities.
    if you like your sports Sunbury a good spot has a vast array of cricket clubs and a least five different football clubs a ruby club and a soccer club.
    Netball and basketball are also on offer .if you intend driving to a work place in the inner-city plan your drive as the roads can get clogged. Saying that if you are working in the outer western suburbs its not bad .Sunbury has a decent supply of doctors and for small emergencies I have found the Goonawarra medical center excellent. Sunshine emergence is the closest if you have a major emergency don’t go there for anything small or you can expect a long wait as evident by the long ambulances waiting in line.. Banking in Sunbury is general good with all the majors present and some of the smaller players.Entertainment is not bad with several eateries pubs and movie cinemas and one night Club . Take away you name it Sunbury has it except for Chinese there are two but I have always found them of lesser quality than the inner city Chinese restaurants If you’re into renovation there is Bunnings and a Masters. Which forced the smaller players out of the market a long time ago? There is a small public Hospital in Sunbury that is way under utilized and doesn't have any sort of walk in clinic or emergency it stands idle for about 70% of the time seems a great shame as over 16 Million was claimed to be spent on it building and equipping it and now it stands mostly idle